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With over 25 years of experience, Graham’s Roofing Company (now part of IPS) has been working with residential and commercial customers to achieve total satisfaction for their roofing needs thanks to high quality workmanship and an unparalleled level of ingenuity.

We specialize in building long term working relationships with our customers to ensure that the best roof possible was selected for that particular customer’s situation.

We are factory authorized by several leading manufacturers, and specially trained to correctly install a system that is right for you. Professionally trained personnel use only the highest quality products with strict quality control during construction and with a defined final inspection process to eliminate the headaches.

This leaves our clients with peace of mind knowing that their system was properly installed.

Licensed and Insured

Qualified Business License # QB61775

Contractor License # CCC1328663

Graham’s Roofing offers a full range of roofing services

➨New Construction
➨Flat Roofs
➨Shingle Roofs
➨Tile Roofs
➨Metal Roofing & Flashing
➨Roof Coating
➨Leak Repairs
➨Roof Repairs
➨Rotten Wood Replacement & Dry Rot Repairs
➨Attic Ventilation
➨Roof Deck Installation
➨Gutter Installation & Cleaning
➨Warranty Service
➨Free Estimates

Job Size

Graham’s Roofing has installed or repaired a wide variety of roofs over the years. We are considered a medium size company and have several crews to assure that your roofing needs are met, from home repairs to commercial buildings.

Licensing & Insurance

We are fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation. This means that our customers are completely protected from liability for damages and injuries on the job and that you have recourse if something should go wrong with the installation. We will gladly provide you with copies of our licenses and insurance certificates.


We apply for all the necessary City or County permits for your roofing job and take care of all the paperwork for you. The price of the roof includes the cost of your permit. After the job is completed, we inspect the roof and meet with the City or County Inspector for a final inspection.

Roofing Materials

We install most types of roofing and purchase our products from several quality manufacturers. We will help you in selecting exactly the right materials for your roofing needs.


Our re-roofing and new roof jobs are guaranteed for 5 years from defects in workmanship or leaks. As always, there’s a Graham standing behind every Graham’s Roofing job.

We’re Neat

Your job site will be tidied each day and thoroughly cleaned at the completion of the job. We strive to leave each roofing job site looking better than ever.

Graham’s on Safety

Due to the inherent dangers of the construction industry, safety has always been a priority for Graham’s Roofing, LLC. Graham’s Roofing employees have all had safety training so that their working environment is a safe one for them as well as providing a safe construction site for the general public.

Graham’s Roofing Projects are conducted per OSHA Standards. Graham’s Roofing supervisors strictly enforce these standards, along with all issues of Graham’s Roofing‘s Safety Program. These supervisors have been trained in OSHA Standards and how to look for any conditions that may be a safety concern. All supervisors have also been certified in First Aid and CPR.

If all personnel is trained to work safely and operate equipment safely, the construction site becomes a safe environment for everyone concerned. To reach this goal weekly “Tool Box Safety Meetings” are held on all projects to discuss any specific safety concerns that are particular to each project. All employees of Graham’s Roofing are also required to attend a monthly safety meeting held at the office. In this meeting, safety policies are reinforced so that safety is always on the mind of Graham’s Roofing employees.

Graham’s Roofing projects are routinely checked by safety engineers to make sure that all safety policies are being adhered to. Any conditions that are found to be a safety concern are brought the attention of the supervisor so that they can be immediately corrected.

Graham’s Roofing takes great pride in the fact that over the years their projects have been among the safest construction sites and have had some of the lowest Workers’ Compensation Experience Modifier Rating in the industry.

Graham’s Roofing is committed to continuing this safety program and providing the safest construction sites in the industry.

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Our management team consists of licensed construction and management professionals with years of experience in multi-family, student housing, military housing, and senior living property services, including complete property renovations, repositioning and stabilization and capital improvements.

IPS specializes in "On Time- On Budget" project delivery. It is our mission to maximize the value of the asset for all involved.

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